Partnering with Richland County Public Library


Partnering with Richland County Public Library

We’re working with Richland County Public Library to improve the COLA guide and distribute it at their branches!


Introducing…the COLA guide!

What is the COLA guide?
The COLA guide is so much more than just a resource guide–it’s a way to help you find Community Opportunities for Living Abundantly here in Columbia (AKA Cola), South Carolina!

What’s in the COLA guide?
Here’s just a taste:

  • Lists of great events, festivals, restaurants, and landmarks to explore around Cola
  • Advice from locals on finding a place to live, using public transportation, getting a job, and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Lists of resources for financial help, job-seeking services, physical and mental health services, housing and health emergencies, and more
  • Personal stories from locals on their favorite parts of life around Columbia

How can I get involved?
We’re in the process of improving the COLA guide based on our first test-run of the guide. We’d love to have you help us! If you’re interested in being part of the COLA guide revision process, please contact Betsy Davis or Laura Kurzban at 803-777-8408 or email us at!

Look for it soon at your local library or service agency!